Transport of catering trolleys in airports

The fully powered straddle stacker, SELFS, is used by Finnair for the transport of catering trolleys to and from cold stores.

The catering trolleys are running on their own wheels between the straddle legs of the stacker and are pushed forwards/backwards by the stacker. The supporting arms around the catering trolleys ensure that they are fixed and a band secures them when driving forwards/backwards. The stacker has no forks and lifting function, but is only used for the transportation of the catering trolleys.

The manoeuvrability of the stacker ensures an optimum utilisation of the space in the cold stores and storage areas. The solution is efficient and time-saving, and can transport 9 catering trolleys simultaneously. At the same time the handling of the trolleys is ergonomically correct. (P06593)

Important reasons for using Logiflex stackers:

  • Ergonomically correct working situations
  • Increased efficiency in the work flow
  • Satisfied employees and less days lost through sickness
  • Very manoeuvrable – turning angle of 210°
  • Strong driving motor
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Low maintenance costs and long operating life
  • Low noise level
  • Safety in top