Interthor Rotator is used by the Swedish Postal

The Rotator is especially adapted to cages containing letters, small packages and bags. The cages are heavy, and the Rotator lifts them up and empties them on to the sorting table. The Rotator has remote control for the tilting function, and the employee can be placed in the optimum work place.

The Rotator ensures an optimum work flow and removes bottlenecks at Posten AB.

Important reasons for using the Interthor Rotator:

  • Ergonomically correct working positions
  • Height adjustment, rotation and transportation in the same unit
  • Capacity 2200lbs
  • Easy to set degree of tilt and rotation speed
  • Remote control for rotation or for lifting/lowering function
  • Low maintenance costs and a long operating time
  • Available in two models - with forks or multi-purpose carriage
  • Increased efficiency in the work and more satisfied employees
  • Less days lost through sickness
  • High efficiency when emptying boxes and crates
  • Optimum product safety
  • User-friendly handle