¿Desea evitar la tensión en la espalda, los hombros y los brazos?

Safety is an important part of a good working environment
Logitrans always focuses on the safety of the user - as examples can be mentioned:

  • The products are designed so that movable parts, e.g. lifting chains and wheels, are properly shielded.
  • The stability of all product types has been tested in accordance with the EU norms concerning safety, and all products are CE-marked. Furthermore, the highlifter has supporting feet at steering wheel and tandem wheel on scissors legs. The tandem wheels have brake effect.
  • Automatic accessories have safety switches so that the feet of the user are always protected by a clearance between floor and underside of forks or pallet.
  • Electric products have emergency stops.

The products are always delivered with a very detailed instruction manual, describing in words and pictures how to operate the product safely in order to avoid accidents. In this way Logitrans makes it easy for the user of the product to improve the working environment of himself and his surrroundings.


The policy of Logitrans is to provide and maintain safe and healthy conditions concerning working environment
This is to be reached through efforts from every department in the company by building up and maintaining a positive attitude and behaviour concerning working environment. In this connection great importance is attached to the co-operation between the departments in the company.

The safety committee is responsible for the co-ordination of the health and safety policy, and the safety groups ensure that the environmental working conditions in the individual departments fulfil the demands and needs.

The engagement and knowledge of the employees about working environment shall be increased through education and information.

The working environment is thoroughly considered when rearranging the production and making new investments.

New employees get a thorough instruction in the working environment.

The working environment is continuously improved, amongst others by means of assessments of the individual workstations and through co-operation with the employees´ Health service of Region Syd (Council of the South of Denmark).
Accidents and risks of accidents are registered and followed in order to start up preventive measures, so that the frequency of accidents and absence will be reduced.

In co-operation with Esbjerg Kommune (Municipality of Esbjerg), some employees are helped to continue working in spite of certain reasons of health.