30 years at Logitrans...

Congratulations to Ole, who in August 2020 has been employed at Logitrans for 30 years!

During his 30 years at Logitrans, Ole has been involved in a large part of the company's development, and he has worked with countless areas and work assignments at Logitrans. Originally, he was educated as a Mechanical Engineer, and in the beginning he worked in the development department at Logitrans. Today, Ole mostly deals with project management and coordination, and keeps track of Logitrans' many item numbers and drawings in the management system, M3. Logitrans is ISO 9000 certified, and Ole is responsible that everything is registered and complied with correctly in the quality management system. In addition, Ole is a member of the working environment committee and when guests visit Logitrans, Ole makes guided tours through the Logitrans house.

Right now, Ole is deeply involved in getting the cooperation with a new big customer running in relation to e.g. production procedures.

Systematic, careful and detail-oriented
Ole has a deep product knowledge and knows most of the details on the Logitrans products. Therefore, he is often involved when finding optimum and creative solutions when it comes to processes and projects. His many years at Logitrans make it easy for him to see it in a larger context - without forgetting the detail.
“Ole is very systematic, thorough and careful, and has a unique ability to go completely in depth in the various Logitrans projects. This is why Ole is involved in most projects. He leaves nothing to chance, and he always remembers to include everything. He remembers all details on the Logitrans products - from the time he started at Logitrans - until now!”, says Production Director Dorte Pedersen.

Ole remembers…
Ole's ability to remember details, contexts and subtleties often benefits Logitrans. Ole is therefore also deeply involved in building up Logitrans' new and innovative solution, the “Product Configurator”, which in future will make it easier for customers to shop digitally. A solution where customers can easily "build" exactly the product requested - and order it online.

"I am very proud to be involved in building our new digital Product Configurator - it is simply the future for the selling of our products - it is simply “the Product Configurator of the Future", says a very proud Ole.

Ole also remembers incidents and events that have nothing to do with the product program or management. And with a twinkle in his eye, he does not shy away from the chance to quote funny incidents about colleagues, which are further back in time than most people remember 😊

Freedom with responsibility
"Good working environment in the organisation" and "a wonderful culture" are some of the reasons why Ole has stayed at Logitrans for so many years. "Especially during the corona time this was in my mind - we were working at home - and I really missed being with my colleagues!", says Ole. "A big part of everyday life is to be with colleagues - and even though it sounds a bit like a phrase, we are a bit like 'a big family' here at Logitrans."

Ole also emphasises the management style, where he finds freedom with responsibility and a deep trust in the employees. Further, he values the flexibility of Logitrans very highly.

Quality in every way
“The customer must know that Logitrans means quality in every way, that the Logitrans products are good and that we stand for a credible cooperation. The customers can count on us - and they know it! They need to know that Logitrans offers unique solutions and features that give them a better and less stressful workday!”, Ole ends our talk.