Interview with Carl Jørn Jakobsen

Carl Jørn has been employed at Logitrans for the past 30 years. Logitrans is manufacturer of material handling equipment for intra-logistics in companies. He started in the welding department and was further educated in welding robot operations and programming. Today he is responsible for robot welding, including programming, maintenance, trouble shooting and purchasing of new welding robots as well as training of colleagues in both Denmark and China.

After all these years, Carl Jørn knows every welding detail on the Logitrans products, and he is therefore often responsible for quality control of welded items and optimisation in connection with the development of new products. In addition, Carl Jørn designs welding fixtures for the production in China and Denmark.

Logitrans factory in China
For many years, the everyday life of Carl Jørn included a lot of traveling. He was involved from the beginning, when Logitrans started production in China - responsible for manufacturing of fixtures, programming of the welding robots and training of the colleagues in China. Over the years he has been to the Logitrans factory in China many times. Today he is in daily contact with the Chinese colleagues, and most of the contact is carried through online: "It is easy and fast, and we solve the challenges and answer the questions immediately".

Proud of his work
In general, Carl Jørn is very proud of his work, but an experience during the start-up and build-up of production in China really made a special impression: “When the first highlifter was finished in our production hall in China, I was deeply impressed! We did it - and even as our first attempt! ”.

Carl Jørn always focuses on being open to new initiatives and new developments: "You have to keep up, and I do everything to keep up with technological developments, both at work and in my private life".

Good team spirit, everyone supports and helps each other
"I am very happy with my work - both in China and in Denmark", Carl Jørn says. “The best thing about being a Logitrans employee is the team spirit, the colleagues and the flat organisation, enabling the employees to be close to the management. You are heard and taken seriously, and this is the basic business culture at Logitrans. This business culture was passed on to the new generation and is deeply rooted”.

No working days are the same for Carl Jørn, and he clearly enjoys this: “It is wonderful that every day offers new challenges and tasks to be solved - in both China and Denmark. It is difficult to understand that I have worked at Logitrans for 30 years, but when you have a good time, time goes by quickly, as you say”, Carl Jørn smiles.

Top functionality and durability of our products
”I want the customers to know that Logitrans means quality! And I want the customers to know that the Logitrans products mean top functionality and durability! However, should they need After-Sales-Service, they should know that also this works!”.

When errors arise, Carl Jørn always tries to see the situation from the outside - and as a whole. Experience helps a lot, but he also enjoys when new and fresh eyes participate in the trouble shooting, as this often provides new ideas and solutions. According to Carl Jørn, patience and flexibility are important key words in his job!