Erling Pedersen celebrates 50 years of anniversary

On 1 February 2019, Erling Pedersen has been working for 50 years at Logitrans

As son of the founders of the company, Ingrid and Nis A. Pedersen, Erling has been part of the company from the very beginning. He is educated machinist at Logitrans A/S (named Nisap Maskinfabrik at that time), and afterwards he studied engineering.

After graduating as engineer, Erling took over the management of the company after his father. He continued working in the spirit of his father: Developing and designing unique products solving handling requirements of the customers. Focus is always on ergonomics and optimum working conditions, when developing products, and this continually contributes to increase efficiency and work satisfaction at the customers.

Erling has been leading the exciting development of Logitrans through internationalisation and major expansions. This has required flexibility and a great adaptability - challenges which Erling has always seen as opportunities! Erling has a unique ability to connect innovation and tradition!

A small “survey” among the employees at Logitrans clearly shows that Erling is very respected and popular. He is very helpful and positive - and he never says “no” to an assignment!

After 50 years at Logitrans, he knows every corner of the company and every screw on the products. He has a unique knowledge about our products and customers – and about the link between product development and customer requirements."

Gitte Kirkegaard, CEO at Logitrans

Through all these years, the company has been developing rapidly. Steadily, the share of exports has grown, and today more than 90% of the production is exported to more than 55 countries worldwide. May 2015, Erling handed over the management of the company to two of his three daughters: CEO Gitte Kirkegaard and COO Dorte Pedersen.

In 1940 the company had two employees, my father and my mother. Now we are 148 in total: 86 in Denmark, 55 in China, 5 in the USA and 2 in Germany. I am proud of what my father has founded – and I am proud of the present position of our company!”

Says a very satisfied Erling Pedersen.

Erling has all the years maintained the corporate culture, on which Logitrans was built from the very beginning - a strong family spirit with a flat management structure and a quick line to decisions. Erling's door has always been open with an invitation to dialogue! This corporate culture is continued by Gitte and Dorte.

“We look very much forward to celebrating the anniversary of our father on 1 February 2019. We start at 12.30 o´clock with guided tours in the factory, and you can visit the Logitrans museum. At 14 o´clock we welcome the guests at the reception in our canteen”.

Gitte Kirkegaard